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Medicine in Literature

Memoirs and other books with a health, bereavement, or particular disease focus to support book clubs and to provide a patient point-of-view for students in the healthcare disciplines.


The three tabs list memoirs by the author's last name. 

Titles were chosen based upon suggestions from hospital librarians but mostly by using a list created by the librarians at the New York University. 

Each title will either take you to the NYU description of the book or to the full record in the Consortium Library catalog. 

Author names in red are not available at local libraries.  Please use the interlibrary loan service to obtain a copy of the book. 

Suggestions for additional titles are always welcome.

Human Side of Medicine

Combining literature and medicine is not new.  Many medical schools now include humanities courses.  A course offered through the University of Washington's School of Medicine is described as "Readings and discussing literature by and about physicians and patients to better understand the human values undergirding medical practice and ethical issues arising in the "doctor-patient" relationship."  Hospitals have monthly book clubs to discuss medically-themed books.  A hospital in Maine began the first program in 1997.  This idea has spread to more than 25 states.

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