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Grant Funding Sources at UAA

Following are instructions for accessing and searching PIVOT.

1)IP Access - From any on-campus computer, a user can go right to  Because UAA IP addresses will be recognized by , one can start searching for funding or faculty profiles right away.

2)Username and Password - Users can go and click the “Log In” option in the upper right of the screen. If you are new to UAA you may need to create an account. Clicking on “Signup” will present you with a screen where you can create an account. You will gain access to by indicating he or she is a member of your institution. You will receive an email with a validation link to confirm their registration to . Once you click on the validation link, then access will be granted.

3)Training videos are also available at:

PIVOT has been preloaded by ProQuest with profiles based upon institutional data available on the internet; however, these profiles can be updated. To update a profile use:

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