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Faith Community Nurses

1 - Computer Terms

Boolean (AND / OR)
Search engine

5 - MedlinePlus

Health Topics
Drug Info
Videos: anatomy, interactive, surgeries
Calculators & Quizzes
Evaluating Health Information
Senior, Teen, Child
Non-English language content

6 - Practice using MedlinePlus

Part 1:   Kathy will use Diabetes as a topic to demonstrate the various features of MedinePlus

Part 2:  Working in groups or individually, choose an illness you encounter with patients and

  • look up information in the health topics section
  • what is given in the encyclopedia on this topic
  • are medications used?  If not, choose a medication of interest and look up information about it
  • what languages have information on your topic?

7 - Other Resources

2 - Using the Web

  1. URL vs. Google
  2. Google vs. Google Scholar
  3. Parts of a URL (handout)

3 - Spotting Fake News

4 - Hands-on Exercise

Evaluate two websites by using the provided handout.  Assign points to each question and then total your points.  Choose one website from group 1 and one website from group 2.  Did this exercise change your mind about a site you visited? 

Group 1      

Group 2

Share your outcomes with the group.

8 - Homework

Find two websites on a health topic.  Fill out the website evaluation sheet for each website.  Each site MUST have a rating of 48 points or more.

Find information using MedlinePlus on your topic.  Bookmark the sites that interest you the most.  Complete the website evaluation sheet for MedlinePlus.  What would make this site better for you and/or your patients?

Register with the Alaska Medical Library.  Your registration will be accepted on our next working day. 

Look for information in Natural Standard on one of these topics (or a topic of your choice):  St. John's Wort or Ginko.  Compare this information with what you find doing

1) a Google Search

2) a Google Scholar search (

Check out the other resources found on the Alaska Medical Library website.  Share two things you found that you might use in the future with the group at our next meeting.

If you have time, look at the different resources found on the SLED website.  Share anything of interest with the group at our next meeting.

Subject Guide

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