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Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program (WWAMI)

How to Use this Resource

Greetings!  This guide was developed specifically for this Della Keats class.  Click the blue tabs above or the links below for relevant information to help you complete your library assignment. We've included our contact information on this splash page - please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


Library Project

The Library homework is an Annotated Bibliography.  This final project will be created in stages and feedback will be given each week. 

Who Was Della Keats?

Della Keats was an Inupiat woman from the Norton Sound region of Alaska who possessed a special "power" for healing the sick -- a traditional healer.  This 30 minute video tells her story.  A second option is a training video of Della Keats treating patients.

Also, take a look at photos of Della Keats from Alaska's Digital Archives collection.

If you'd like to learn even more about Della Keats, visit AMIPA (Alaska Moving Images Preservation Association) located with Archives & Special Collections on the third floor of the library.  AMIPA has much more extensive video of and interviews with Della Keats. Here is the description from their catalog:

Della Keats

Video documentation of the practices of Inupiaq traditional healer, Della Keats. Includes interviews with Keats, and footage of other Inupiaq traditional healers. Also includes footage documenting the activities of Community Health Aids in various Alaskan communities. Available for on-site reference at AMIPA. Other use requires the permission of the Maniilaq Association in Kotzebue.


video: Betacam SP



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