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Music at Mat-Su College

Guide for Music courses at Mat-Su College

Why bother with books?

Books are a good source of information for your paper. Even though they are long, you don't always need to read them cover to cover. Use the table of contents and index to direct you to the sections you need. To get a quick overview of your composer, consult a reference source such as an encyclopedia.

The library has many books on musical composers. Here are just a few from the last couple of years that our library owns:

  • Women composers of classical music : 369 biographies from 1550 into the 20th century (ebook)
  • George Frideric Handel : a life with friends​
  • Beethoven : anguish and triumph : a biography​

We search for library books using the library catalog. The library catalog is a list of all the items the library owns.

How to find books on composers

Start by getting to the Mat-Su College Library webpage. You can do this by clicking the "Library" link at the top of any Mat-Su College page:

Screenshot of "Library" link at top of every MSC page

Next, enter your search terms in the "Just Mat-Su" search box:

Screenshot of the Mat-Su College Library with the Just Mat-Su search box highlighted

Press enter. In the search results page you will see books and ebooks:

Screenshot of library catalog search results page, showing books and ebooks

​To read an ebook, simply click the "Subscription access..." link. To use a print book, make a note of its call number (underneath the Call # heading) and ask a librarian to help you find it.

To learn more about searching the library catalog, including how to request materials from other local libraries, you should take this interactive guide to the library catalog.