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Paramedical Technology: Start

A guide for students taking PMED courses at Mat-Su College and other UAA campuses.


This guide was written to help Mat-Su College PMED students with how to

  • Find scholarly articles in the paramedical and allied health literature
  • Use RefWorks to keep track of articles
  • Get additional help from the library

To learn more about each of these topics click the tabs above this box.

Anyone is welcome to use this guide, but remember that it was written for Mat-Su College PMED students. It might not cover what students in other classes or at other campuses need to know.

MSC Library Basics

On any Mat-Su College page there is a Library link at the top of the page.

Screenshot of library link at top of Mat-Su College page

The library website has two search boxes. "Search just the Mat-Su College Library's Collection" will search physical items in the Mat-Su College campus library. QuickSearch will look for physical items, but also electronic items: ebooks; articles from magazines, journals, newspapers; government documents; dissertations; and so on.

Screenshot of "Research Databases" link on Mat-Su College library homepage

Another thing to notice is the Databases button. This guide mentions many specific databases (online collections of articles) and provides links to them. If you ever want to see a complete list of all the databases you have access to, this Databases button will give you a list.

Copyright (or lack thereof)

To the extent possible under law, Micah Muer has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Paramedical Technology. This work is published from: United States.