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ND 660 - Family Practice Nurse Practitioner - Pediatrics

Not all Ebooks have been Purchased

The R2 vendor has given UAA access to over 1000 titles that we have not purchased.  The intent is to allow use of each title up to three times.  After the third use, the book is put in a shopping cart and the library has to decide to purchase or not purchase the title.  While this decision is being made, the title is no longer available.  Do let me know if this happens to a title you'd like to see added to the library's collection.  

Tips for Searching R2

Find the R2 nursing and medical collection using the Ebooks link in the Library's Home page. 

Searching options include:

  • 1) searching across all the books
  • 2) searching a specific title, or
  • 3) browsing by discipline. 

Note that some books are in the Archives, so include both Active and Archived titles.  After the initial topic search, results can be limited to images or filtered by practice area or publication date.