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NS 696 Individual Project

Use Known Information

Known authors or researchers in the field.  Record full name, including middle initial.  Search by the author in additional databases.

  • CINAHL author searching takes multiple steps. 
    • Click More from blue bar at the top of the page and then choose Indexes
    • Choose Author from Browse an Index menu
    • Enter the author name, last name space initial(s).  Full names are not used in this database.
    • Check the box for each entry, then click Add
    • Click Search.
  • More then Indexes

Search Terms / Concepts

Keep a list of index terms (subject headings) used in controlled vocabulary databases: CINAHL, PubMed, and PsycINFO.  While these may be different between the databases, they may also be very similar.  And they can be used as keywords, too.

Some articles give a list of keywords suggested by the author.  Keep a list of these. 

Keep track of keywords you've used and found useful.  Keywords can be used in Google Scholar searches, QuickSearch (on the library home page), and in other library databases.


Use RefWorks to keep track of potential articles. 

When you find a great article in one database

  1. Look at the indexing
  2. Do a cited reference search

Web of Science.  Here is a PDF document with step-by-step set of instructions.

This works best with older articles ... since it is looking for more recent publication.

      3.Use the article to find similar articles in other databases:

  • PubMed: enter pieces of the citation using the Single Citation Matcher from PubMed's home page.  Click known article title, then Similar Articles.
    • This finds both more recent and older articles similar to the one in hand.
  • Google Scholar: click Related Articles link

Keyword Searching

Keyword searching:       

  • retrieves synonyms
  • jargon
  • new or distinctive words