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NS 696 Individual Project

Quantitative or Qualitative?

Many different research designs exist, each with a specific purpose and with strengths and limitations. Try to choose the most rigorous one for your question. Below are two editorials that concisely outline this process. Access both online at the Consortium Library.

Identifying the best research design to fit the question. Part 1. Quantitative Designs By Jackie Roberts. Evidence-Based Nursing, 2(1):4-6, 1999.
Identifying the best research design to fit the question. Part 2. Qualitative Designs. By Jenny Ploeg. Evidence-Based Nursing, 2(2):36-37, 1999.

Clinical Question

Clinical Question   Research Design
Effectiveness of Prevention/treatment interventions Systematic review, RCT, cohort study
Diagnostic Cross-sectional study
Prognostic Cohort study      
Harm, causation Case control, cohort study

Levels of Evidence

Meaning / Experience Question

Meaning / Experience Question Research Design
Investigate culture of a group of people Ethnography
Explore deeper understanding of meaning of lived experience (how it feels) Phenomenology
Symbolic meaning related to human interactions and consequences Grounded theory
Studies, ideas, or issues in a group setting Focus groups