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Incorporating Library Content in Courseware & Websites

The library subscribes to a vast array of online resources that are accessible to students, faculty and staff on campus and off campus. Students and instructors can embed content from these resources in Blackboard and other web pages.

In This Guide

Link & Embed VAST Videos

VAST: Academic Video Online is a multidisciplinary collection of over 20,000 streaming videos. VAST videos can be integrated into courseware like Blackboard and other websites in two ways, via linking or embedding.

Tips for Blackboard

  1. Copy the embed code from the video (see Link and Embed Best Practices).
  2. Create a content item in Blackboard.
  3. Toggle the editor to HTML mode and paste the embed code.
  4. Replace the first two periods in the URL with dashes so it becomes

Note:   Your embedded video may not display immediately. It takes a few seconds for the video to show after you embed it (this depends on the speed of your internet connection). If after a few minutes, you still do not get a video, try the process again.


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