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Writing at Mat-Su College

A guide for students taking English, particularly English 111, at Mat-Su College.

What is the library catalog?

The library catalog is an online list of all the books, movies, CDs, video games, and other physical items our library owns. It can also show what other local libraries have. Additionally, the library catalog lists ebooks we own.

Using the library catalog to find items

Start by getting to the Mat-Su College Library webpage. You can do this by clicking the "Library" link at the top of any Mat-Su College page:

Screenshot of "Library" link at top of every MSC page

Next, enter your search terms in the "Just Mat-Su" search box:

Screenshot of the Mat-Su College Library with the Just Mat-Su search box highlighted

Press enter. In the search results page you will see books, ebooks, movies, and the like:

Screenshot of library catalog search results page, showing books and ebooks

​To read an ebook, simply click the "Subscription access..." link. To find a physical item, locate it using its call number (underneath the Call # heading) or ask a librarian to help you find it.

You can limit your search results to a certain type of item -- say, movies or video games -- just by clicking the appropriate checkboxs (e.g., "DVD") and then clicking "Include":

Screenshot of catalog limits highlighted

Finding items at other libraries

After you enter the library catalog, you can switch from searching just Mat-Su College's library to searching most Alaska libraries. Do this by using the drop-down menu next to the search bar:

Screenshot showing the library selection menu in the catalog

Now do another searching using your original (or new) search terms. You will see that you now get search results from other libraries. To have these items sent to Mat-Su College (a quick and free service) simply click the "Place Hold" icon:

Screenshot showing Hold button in catalog interface

You will be asked for a card number and PIN. Your card number is student ID number, while your PIN is likely to be the last four digits of your student ID number. After logging in, you will have the choice of selecting which library to have the item delivered to. Make sure to choose Mat-Su College or whatever library you prefer:

Screenshot showing "Pickup library" menu in place hold dialog