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Peer Leader Navigators

Session 1

1)      Find locations where free wireless is available so you can search using your laptop.

2)      Play with your computer:

  • search for a picture of a special / favorite animal found where you were born
  • Bookmark this page to share with the group next time
  • Visit the PLN guide. Open the Computer tab.  Read about using AND, OR when searching on the Internet
  • Find an interesting YouTube video on a health question.  Suggestions: diabetes, reading a pill label, cold and flu differences
  • how much battery power is left?
  • Find some free wireless spots in Anchorage and share these locations with the group

Session 3

  1. Find information using MedlinePlus on your health topic. 
  2. Screen capture the information you find useful.  
  3. Handout: Answer questions about what you found on MedlinePlus. 

Session 2

Find one good website (do not use MedlinePlus) on a health topic.  Fill out the website rating sheet.  Look for sites that have a rating of 6 points or more.

Visit the MedlinePlus website.  Click on the Health Topics link.  Review the list of Body Locations & SystemsWhat system talks about tonsils?