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EDFN 348

STEAM in the Context of Alaska/Information Literacy

ACRL IL Standard 1 Assignment: Determine the extant of an information need

 In achieving ACRL IL standard 1, an assignment will be developed to correspond with the timing of an introduction to academic research and the types of sources that the student may need to access to complete the assigned case study at the end of the semester. This standard will correspond with the University Learning Outcome of employing critical thinking skills and aligns with the introduction of the course so that students will be prepared to identify resources needed to complete their research.

Library session completed in class: students will work in groups to identify the characteristics of specific sources and learn about how to access those sources using the library

  • newspapers
  • books/ebooks
  • journal articles
  • trade magazines
  • reference
  • dissertations and theses

ACRL IL Standard 2: Access the needed information effectively and efficiently

To achieve ACRL IL standard 2, the assignment will revolve around the course outcome where students will need to determine their own topic for completing a case study. This assignment will allow the student to create a research plan that will set the student up for success in researching their topics. This research plan assignment will align with the University Learning Outcome of employing independent learning and information literacy skills.

Students will create a research plan including the following criteria:

  • identify main idea words
  • keywords and synonyms
  • create search strings
  • relevant sources
  • time periods
  • geography

This research plan will be referred to while searching for relevant materials to complete the case study assignment.

A detailed description of the successful keywords, library resources searched (databases, catalog, etc.) and any modifications that needed to be performed to achieve success will need to be recorded.

ACRL IL Standard 4: Incorporate selected information into ones knowledge base

Finally ACRL IL standard 4 will align with the final portion of the course objective, in that the students will have a completed case study. Students will analyze the effectiveness of the case studies in small groups. This assignment will align with the University Learning Outcome of communicating effectively.

After students have completed the Case Study Assignment, students will reflect on their research experience.  

The content can include but not be limited to:

  • Search terms used and the evolution of those terms to generate the best results
  • Types of sources consulted and evaluation methods used to include or exclude materials

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