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NS 205: Embedding information literacy into a nursing informatics course: Library Assignments

Week 1: Library Anxiety

This online survey will help us determine which aspects of using the library and conducting library research raise your stress levels.  We hope to reduce your stress by addressesing issues raised by this tool. 


Week 5: Search CINAHL

Find three-five relevant articles on your topic using CINAHL.

Use the database features such as subject headings, subheadings, explode, peer review.

Use Boolean Operators (and, or)

Share your search strategy on the wiki.  Group feedback is encouraged.

Post the two articles in the wiki and describe the criteria you used to evaluate these articles.  Note if you used interlibrary loan.

Add the two citations to RefWorks. 

Revise topic, if necessary,  Describe your new direction on the wiki.

Week 2: Website Evaluation

Use this Website Evaluation form to evaluate one site from the left column and one site from the right column.  Please review the websites based on the beginning letter of your last name.  Students whose last names beginning with A-D will review Arctic Health and Melatonin, etc.

 A-D Arctic Health Melatonin
 E-H OncoLink Visible Embryo
 I-L Lab Tests Medical Library   
 M-P MedlinePlus WebMD
 Q-Z Mayo Clinic  Everyday Health

Week 7 & 8: Copyright

For week 7 - review the NS 205 Course Guide tab on Academic Honesty in preparation for your presentation.

For week 8 - answer the following questions in the discussion board:

This week’s discussion is about copyright. The first two sites give a basic overview of copyright.  Copyright is complex and some lawyers make a living in just this arena. However, as the first site states, “the basics are very simple. Armed with some simple principles, you can save yourself from running afoul of copyright law.”

Fair use is a portion of the law that allows copyrighted material to be used – in specific circumstances. This sites helps you determine if your intended use complies:

Each question has its own thread.  Choose two of the following questions to discuss.

  1. Item without the copyright symbol © are not protected and can be freely used. This holds true for images found on the Internet. 
  2. Discuss the difference between plagiarism and copyright. 
  3. What role has Disney played in US copyright law?

Week 4: Choose Topic - Get Basic Information

Choose a topic outside your personal area of expertise.

Post your topic in the wiki.

Evaluate two websites that increased your understanding about your topic.

Use additional resources, such as the QuickSearch, books (online or print).  Google Scholar may be an option to consider.

Post relevant citations to the wiki and add them to RefWorks.  Review the RefWorks tab to learn how to add websites.

Revise topic, if necessary.  Describe changes in your direction on the wiki.

Identify keywords or synonyms that describe your topic and post them on the wiki.

Week 9: Summarize Your Experiences

Write a short (1 page or less) paper describing your experiences in searching your topic and the challenges you encountered using multiple library resources.  Please attach your RefWorks created bibliography.  Would you say your answers to the Library Anxiety Scale would be different now?