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NS 205: Embedding information literacy into a nursing informatics course: Evaluation / Assessment

Lessons Learned

  • Don't get sick.  The librarian was unavailable due to illness at the beginning of the course and this added an extra burden on the primary instructor.
  • Give yourself enough time to modify the syllabus BEFORE the class begins.  Students were confused by changes.
  • The Library Anxiety Scale was created for students who come into the library.  Our course was a distance-delivered course and so many of the questions were not relevant.  Permission has been given by the owner/creator of the scale to make changes as long as we note that the orginial scale is copyrighted and we give the author credit.  The full scale has been entered into Qualtrix including the copyright statements.


The nursing faculty member has these same NS205 students in another course the next semester.  Assessment of the assignments given in the summer course is being done by asking these questions -- responses are expected within the Discussion Board section of week 14 of course:

  1. This week is to reflect on an aspect of this course that you have applied to your nursing practice.  What was one thing that you changed in your practice because of something you learned in this course?

  2. Two posts are required: One post on any aspect of this course that you have applied to your practice and one response posted to someone else's post.

  3. This week is also to reflect back on the Information Literacy Module that Kathy Murray, Librarian, did for this class in the summer and to comment on the benefits of that module to your continued use of the databases in nursing courses, such as this NS 308 course, NS 400 Research, NS 305 Health Assessment, electives, or any other course. How did the Information Literacy module prepare you for locating articles for your courses? Or for your clinical practice or job? What was most helpful and what might have been done to improve that module for future students? This information will be shared with Kathy and will the sponsors of the Information Literacy project.

One post addressing the above questions is required.

Subject Guide

Kathy Murray's picture
Kathy Murray
2nd Floor, Consortium Library

Office Hours: HSB 328
T 4p-6- & Th 9:30a-11:30a