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Getting the Full Text of an Article

1.  Choose Abstract format under Display Settings.

  • Links to the full text of each article will appear below the citation.

  • When you click on the title of an article, full-text links appear to the right of the citation.


2.  Look for icons indicating FREE full text.

  • "Full text" does not mean free full text. For example, the NEJM link above brings you to the publisher's website, and you will be asked to submit payment to access the full text of the article. There are better options. See below for instructions on how to order an article from the Alaska Medical Library when there is no option for free full text.

  • When you enter PubMed from the Alaska Medical Library website, you will see a Free for Alaskans (Alaska state flag) icon next to citations for articles brought to you free via Alaska's Digital Pipeline. Click on the flag to get to the article. See the MyNCBI Tutorial for directions to make the Free for Alaskans icon visible while logged in to MyNCBI.

  • PubMed Central (PMC) is a free archive of full-text articles provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine. Look for the "free full text" PMC icon.

  • Some publishers make part or all of their journal content freely available, so watch for other "free full text" icons.

3.  Print, save, or email your citations.

  • Print: Using the Display Settings link, select the format of the references, select the number of "items per page" that will put all the references on one web page, and click Apply. Use your browser's Print command. Watch Video

  • Save: From the Send To link, select File, choose Format and Sort order, and click the Create File button. When prompted by the operating system, provide a name and appropriate extension for your file. Watch Video

  • E-mail: From the Send To link, select E-mail, choose Format, Sort order, add email and additional information, and click the E-mail button. Watch Video

4.  Order an article.

  • If you don't find full text within PubMed you can order copies of articles directly from the Alaska Medical Library. Registration is required. Send request by:

    • email:

    • fax: 907.562.2122

    • online order form

    • Loansome Doc ordering service: In PubMed, click on the Send To link, select Order, and click on the Order Articles button. This will connect you to the Loansome Doc service to order copies of journal articles. Free registration is required.

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