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PubMed: MyNCBI

My NCBI is your personal space on the NLM computer system for saving searches, search results, PubMed preferences, and for creating automatic email alerts. Click on the My NCBI link at the top right of the PubMed window to get started.

PubMed My NCBI Registration is required (available at no charge).

Note: To use My NCBI, you must have cookies enabled to allow pop-up windows from The Safari browser is not recommended.

MyNCBI Search Filters

Filters group search results by areas of interest, such as Review. Filtered results with their respective counts for the current search display as links on the right side of the web page. Click on the link to display the citations grouped by that filter.

  1. Sign in to My NCBI.
  2. Click on the Manage Filters link at the bottom of the Filters box. Check that the "Filters for" pulldown list shows PubMed.
  3. Under Browse/Search for PubMed Filters choose from 4 categories (Popular, LinkOut, Properties or Links) or search for a specific filter.
  4. Your filter selections are in effect only when you are signed in to My NCBI.

 MyNCBI manage PubMed filter

Managing Stored Searches

  1. Sign in to My NCBI.
  2. Under 'My Saved Data' in the Table of Contents, click the Saved Searches 'Manage' link.
  3. The Last Searched column displays when the last update was generated either automatically or manually. Hover your mouse over the information to display the explicit date.
  4. Click the check box next to a search.
  5. Click the 'Show What's New' button at the bottom of the page to check for new results.
  6. To display the new items, click the 'New items' link. This also updates the saved search with the current date and time.

Note: To run a saved search without update limits:

  1. Sign in to My NCBI.
  2. Under 'My Saved Data,' click the saved search you want to run. This will not modify the Last Searched date and time for the saved search.

    MyNCBI My Saved Searches

Saving Your Search and Creating an Automatic Email Alert

  • Sign into My NCBI.
  • Run your search using any terms and limits needed for your topic.
  • Click 'Save Search.'

  • A pop-up window (see below) will appear that displays your PubMed search in the box labeled 'Name of Search.'
  • Edit the search name to something short, yet meaningful, e.g. HRT and menopause (100 character maximum).
  • Click the 'Save' button.
  • To sign up for automatic email updates of new search results, fill in the 'Save Search Settings' form. Options can be set for update frequency, zero results notification, report format, etc.
  • Click 'Save.'
  • Repeat the process for any additional searches, then click on 'Sign Out.'


  • You may store up to 100 searches per User Name.
  • Stored search strategies cannot be edited - you must delete the old search and create a new one. Update frequency may be edited.
  • You can also create email alerts for articles from your favorite journals. Watch Video

MyNCBI Naming a Saved Search

Saving Results in Collections

To save selected search results:

  1. Sign in to My NCBI.
  2. Run a search and on the results page, select the citations you want to save using the check boxes. If you do not select any items, all results up to 5000 items will be sent to Collections.
  3. Under the 'Send to' drop-down menu, select 'Collections' and click 'Add to Collections.'
  4. On the 'Save Collection' window, you may create a new collection or append to an existing collection. Enter a collection name.

Saving Results in My Bibliography

'My Bibliography' is designed for authors to easily search and collect citations for their publications and manage peer review article compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. 'Other Citations' is a feature designed for authors publishing in two distinct areas of research that allows them to create a second bibliography in My NCBI.

  1. Under My Saved Data click 'My Bibliography.'
  2. Click 'add citations' if your bibliography is empty. Click on the blue plus icon on the Actions toolbar.
  3. Enter your last name and other optional search criteria to limit your search if your name is not a unique author name in PubMed or add items manually or Add other Citations using search filters, e.g. meeting abstracts, presentations.
  4. Review the list of citations and use the check boxes to select your papers, click 'Add to My Bibliography.'
  5. To add additional citations since the last time you updated your bibliography click the plus symbol on the My Bibliography Actions bar.

    MyNCBI My Bibliography Action Bar
  6. Use the 'Other Citations' link under My Saved Data to create an additional bibliography using a saved search form.
  7. Click the 'View Results in PubMed' icon to display your bibliography in PubMed.

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