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NS 400: Nursing Research

Database links, interactive tutorials, and handouts.

Capturing the Search History

Before leaving your computer, save your search history as a reminder of what you tried that session.  A copy of this search history can be sent as part of emailing articles to yourself OR you can click the Print Search History link, choose the Edit feature, then Select All, then Copy, and then paste that table into Word. 

 print search history 

Word may not accept the table well – often the right portion disappears off the page. To fix this, click in the table, then look in the upper left hand corner for the icon that looks like the highlighted symbol below.  Right click on the icon, then choose Autofit > Autofit to Window.


 Mac users: 

  • Highlight the table
  • Click on Table in top menu bar
  • Choose Autofit and Distribute
  • Choose Autofit to Window