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Medicine in Literature

Memoirs and other books with a health, bereavement, or particular disease focus to support book clubs and to provide a patient point-of-view for students in the healthcare disciplines.


This list of memoirs was created using suggestions from hospital librarians but mostly using a list from the New York University website.  Linked titles will go to the full record in the UAA library catalog.  The NYU Annotation link, when available, is to the right of the title.  Titles in red are not available at local libraries.  Use the interlibrary loan service to obtain a copy of the book.  Suggestions for additional titles are always welcome.

Gawande, Atul Better : a surgeon's notes on performance.  NYU Annotation
Complications: a surgeon's notes on an imperfect science.  NYU Annotation
Gilbert, Sandra Wrongful Death: a medical tragedy.  NYU Annotation
Gilman, Priscilla The Anti-Romantic Child: a mother's story of loss, literature, and unexpected joy.
Goldstein, Melissa Anne Travels with the Wolf.  NYU Annotation
Gordon, Mary Shadow Man.   NYU Annotation
Gordon, Suzanne Life Support: Three Nurses on the Front Line. 
Gosse, Edmund Father and Son: a study of two temperaments.   NYU Annotation
Graboys, Thomas Life in the Balance: a physician's memoir of life, love, and loss with Parkinson's Disease and dementia.   NYU Annotation
Grace, Maggi Ann State of the Heart: a medical tourist's true story of lifesaving surgery in India.   NYU Annotation
Grandin, Temple Animals in Translation: using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior. 
Gray, Spalding Gray's Anatomy.  NYU Annotation
Greenberg, Michael Hurry Down Sunshine.  NYU Annotation>
Grim, Pamela Just Here Trying to Save a Few Lives: tales of life and death from the ER.  NYU Annotation
Grogan, John Marley & Me: love and life with the world's worst dog.  NYU Annotation
Groopman, Jerome How Doctors Think.  NYU Annotation
Grumbach, Doris Coming into the End Zone: a memoir.  NYU Annotation
Gunther, John Death Be Not Proud: a memoir. 
Hadas, Rachel Strange Relation: a memoir of marriage, dementia, and poetry. 
Hall, Donald Life Work.   NYU Annotation
Handler, Evan Time on Fire: my comedy of terrors.   NYU Annotation
Handler, Jessica Invisible Sisters: a memoir.  NYU Annotation
Harris, Sylvia Long Shot: my bipolar life and the horses that saved me.  
Hartog, Jan de Hospital.   NYU Annotation
Heckman-Owen, Carol Life with Charlie: how to cope with an Alzheimer's spouse or other dementia patient and still keep your sanity. 
Helman, Cecil Suburban Shaman.   NYU Annotation
Hennezel, Marie de Intimate Death: how the dying teach us how to live.  
Heron, Echo Intensive care: the story of a nurse
Hertzler, Arthur E. Horse and Buggy Doctor.   NYU Annotation
Hoffman, Amy Hospital Time.   NYU Annotation
Hornbacher, Marya Wasted: a memoir of anorexia and bulimia.
Hutner, Elizabeth Hall Life with Sam.
Jacobs, Charlotte Decroes Henry Kaplan and the Story of Hodgkin's Disease. 
Jamison, Kay Redfield Unquiet Mind.   NYU Annotation
Jauhar, Sandeep Intern: a doctor's initiation.   NYU Annotation
Johnson, Hillary My Mother Dying.   NYU Annotation
Johnson, Harriet McBryde Too Late to Die Young: nearly true tales from a life.   NYU Annotation
Jordan, Hamilton No Such Thing as a Bad Day: a memoir
Kamen, Paula All in My Head : an epic quest to cure an unrelenting, totally unreasonable, and only slightly enlightening headache. 
Kaplan, Jonathan Dressing Station: a surgeon's chronicle of war and medicine.  NYU Annotation
Karels, Carol Cooked: an inner city nursing memoir.
Kaysen, Susanna Girl, Interrupted.   NYU Annotation
Keizer, Bert Dancing with Mister D: notes on life and death.   NYU Annotation
Kidder, Tracy Mountains Beyond Mountains; the quest of Dr. Paul Farmer. a man who would cure the world.   sp NYU Annotation
King, Sorrel Josie's Story. 
Klass, Perri Baby Doctor: a pediatrician's training.   NYU Annoation
Knapp, Caroline Drinking: a love story.   NYU Annotation
Knighton, Ryan Cockeyed: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth Wheel of Life: a memoir of living and dying.   NYU Annotation
Kumin, Maxine Inside the Halo and Beyond.   NYU Annotation
Kusz, Natalie Road Song.   NYU Annotation
L'Engle, Madeleine Summer of the Great-Grandmother.   NYU Annotation
Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel Outsider: a journey into my father's struggle with madness.   NYU Annotation
Lagomarsino, Nancy Light from an Eclipse.   NYU Annotation
Lang, James M. Learning Sickness: a year with Crohn's disease.   NYU Annotation
LaScala, Susan Small Wonder: the story of a dhild born too soon.   NYU Annotation
Lessard, Suzannah Architect of Desire: beauty and danger in the Stanford White family.   NYU Annotation
Levi, Carlo Christ Stopped at Eboli. NYU Annotation
Levi, Primo Drowned and the Saved.  NYU Annotation
Levy, Andrew Brain Wider than the Sky : a migraine diary. 
Linton, Simi My Body Politic.   NYU Annotation
Lown, Bernard Lost Art of Healing.   NYU Annotation
Lundkvist, Artur Journeys in Dream and Imagination.