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Medicine in Literature

Memoirs and other books with a health, bereavement, or particular disease focus to support book clubs and to provide a patient point-of-view for students in the healthcare disciplines.

Authors: M-Z

This list of memoirs was created using suggestions from hospital librarians but mostly using a list from the New York University website. Linked titles will go to the full record in the UAA library catalog. Book titles in black are available at other local libraries. The NYU Annotation link, when available, is to the right of the title. Titles in red are not available at local libraries. Use the interlibrary loan service to obtain a copy of the book. Suggestions for additional titles are always welcome.

Mairs, Nancy Troubled Guest: life and death stories.   NYU Annotation
Marso, Andy Worth the pain: how meningitis nearly killed me - then changed my life for the better
Mayo, Sherry Jones Confessions of a trauma junkie
Mayo, Sherry Jones More confessions of a trauma junkie
McCourt, Frank Angela's Ashes.   NYU Annotation
McKeithen, Madge Blue Peninsula: essential words for a life of loss and change.    NYU Annotation
Middlebrook, Christina Seeing the Crab: a memoir of dying.   NYU Annotation
Monette, Paul Borrowed Time: an AIDS memoir.    NYU Annotation
Montross, Christine Body of Work: meditations on mortality from the human anatomy lab.   NYU Annotation
Moss, Barbara Robinette Change Me into Zeus's Daughter: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Mukherjee, Siddhartha Emperor of all Maladies: a biography of cancer.  NYU Annotation
Murch, Muriel Journey in the Middle of the Road: one woman's path through a midlife education.   NYU Annotation
Nafisi, Azar Reading Lolita in Tehran: a memoir in books.   NYU Annotation
Nazeer, Kamran Send In The Idiots.   NYU Annotation
Neuhaus, Richard John As I Lay Dying.   NYU Annotation
Newborn, Barbara Return to Ithaca: a woman's triumph over the disabilities of a severe stroke.   NYU Annotation
Nielsen, Jerri Ice Bound: a doctor's incredible battle for survival at the South Pole.   NYU Annotation
Nolan, Christopher   NYU Annotation
Norris, Kathleen Acedia and Me: a marriage, monks, and a writer's life.   NYU Annotation
Nuland, Sherwin B. Art of Aging: a doctor's prescription for well-being.   
How We Die: reflections on life's final chapter.   NYU Annotation
Lost in America: a journey with my father.   NYU Annotation
Soul of Medicine: tales from the bedside.   
Nyiszli, Miklos Auschwitz: a doctor's eyewitness account.   NYU Annotation
Oates, Joyce Carol Widow's Story : a memoir.   
Ofri, Danielle Singular Intimacies: an becoming a coctor at Bellevue.   NYU Annotation
What doctors feel : how emotions affect the practice of medicine.
O'Neill, Cherry Boone Starving for Attention.   
O'Rourke, Meghan Long Goodbye.   
Pai, Ann My Other Body: a memoir of love, fat, life, and death.   NYU Annotation
Pensack, Robert Raising Lazarus.   NYU Annotation
Pershall, Stacy Loud in the House of Myself.   
Peterson, Margaret Kim Sing Me to Heaven: the story of a marriage.   NYU Annotation
Picardie, Ruth Before I Say Goodbye.   NYU Annotation
Price, Reynolds Whole New Life.    NYU Annotation
Price, Jill Woman Who Can't Forget.   NYU Annotation
Prince-Hughes, Dawn Songs of the Gorilla Nation.   NYU Annotation
Ramondetta, Lois Light Within: the extraordinary friendship of a doctor and patient brought together by cancer.   NYU Annotation
Ray, David Endless Search: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Remen, Rachel Naomi Kitchen table wisdom : stories that heal.    NYU Annotation
Roach, Mary Stiff : the curious lives of human cadavers.   
Robison, John Elder Look Me in the Eye: my life with Asperger's.   
Robison, Margaret Long Journey Home.   
Rogoff, Marianne Silvie's Life.   NYU Annotation
Roney, Lisa Sweet Invisible Body: reflections on a life with diabetes   
Rosenbaum, Edward A Taste of My Own Medicine : when the doctor is the patient.   NYU Annotation>
Rosenberg, Steven A. Transformed Cell: unlocking the mysteries of cancer.   NYU Annotation
Rosenblatt, Roger Making Toast : a family story.   
Rowe, Michael Book of Jesse: a story of youth, illness, and medicine.   NYU Annotation
Sachs, Albie Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter.   NYU Annotation
Sacks, Oliver Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales.   NYU Annotation
Oaxaca Journal.   NYU Annotation
Salamon, Julie Hospital: man, woman, birth, death, infinity, plus red tape, bad behavior, money, God and diversity on steroids.   
Saltzman, Joan Mr. Right and My Left Kidney.   NYU Annotation
Sanford, Matthew Waking: a memoir of trauma and transcendence.   
Sargant, William Walters Unquiet Mind: the autobiography of a physician in psychological medicine.   
Scannell, Kate Death of the Good Doctor: lessons from the heart of the AIDS epidemic.   NYU Annotation
Scully, Julia Outside Passage.   NYU Annotation
Sebold, Alice Lucky.    NYU Annotation
Selwyn, Peter Surviving the Fall: the personal journey of an AIDS doctor.   NYU Annotation
Selzer, Richard Down from Troy.   NYU Annotation
Shames, Laurence Not Fade Away: a short life well lived.   
Shapiro, Dan Mom's Marijuana.   
Shapiro, Alan Vigil.   
Shawn, Allen Wish I Could Be There: notes from a phobic life.   NYU Annotation
Shem, Samuel House of God: the classic novel of life and death in an American hospital.   NYU Annotation
Sheppard, Gordon HA! A Self Murder Mystery.   NYU Annotation
Shin, Nan Diary of a Zen Nun: every day living.   NYU Annotation
Shumaker, Peggy Just Breathe Normally.   NYU Annotation
Skloot, Floyd In the Shadow of Memory.    NYU Annotation
  World of Light.   NYU Annotation
Skloot, Rebecca Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks.   NYU Annotation
Slater, Lauren Welcome to My Country.   NYU Annotation
  Lying: a metaphorical memoir.   NYU Annotation
  Prozac Diary.   NYU Annotation
Slocum, Milton Jonathan Manhattan Country Doctor: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Stewart, Linda McK. 25 Months: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Studer, Constance Body Language: first of all do no harm.   NYU Annotation
Styron, William Darkness Visible: a memoir of madness.   NYU Annotation
Swander, Mary The Desert Pilgrim: en route to mysticism and miracles.   NYU Annotation
Szwajger, Adina Blady I Remember Nothing More.   NYU Annotation
Taylor, Jill Bolte My Stroke of Insight : a brain scientist's personal journey.   NYU Annotation
Trillin, Calvin About Alice.   NYU Annotation
Tucker, Neely Love in the Driest Season.   NYU Annotation
Verghese, Abraham My Own Country : a doctor's story of a town and its people in the age of AIDS.   NYU Annotation
  Tennis Partner.   NYU Annotation
Vernon, John Book of Reasons.   NYU Annotation
Walls, Jeannette Glass Castle: a memoir.    NYU Annotation
Wasserstein, Wendy Complications.    NYU Annotation
Weisman, Jamie As I Live and Breathe: notes of a patient-doctor.   NYU Annotation
Wexler, Alice Mapping Fate: a memoir of family, risk, and genetic research.   NYU Annotation
Whitman, Walt Walt Whitman's Civil War.   NYU Annotation
Wilber, Ken Grace and Grit: spirituality and healing in the life and death of Treya Killam Wilber.   NYU Annotation
Wilkomirski, Binjamin Fragments: memories of a wartime childhood.   NYU Annotation
Williams, C. K. (Charles Kenneth) Misgivings.   NYU Annotation
Williams, Terry Tempest Refuge: an unnatural history of family and place.   NYU Annotation
Williams, William Carlos I Wanted to Write a Poem: the autobiography of the works of a poet.   NYU Annotation
Winawer, Sidney J. Healing Lessons.   NYU Annotation
Winstead-Fry, Patricia Ordinary Miracles in Nursing.   
Woiwode, Larry Step From Death.   NYU Annotation
Wolfberg, Adam Fragile Beginnings: discoveries and triumphs in the newborn ICU.
Wolff, Tobias This Boy's Life: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Woodruff, Lee In an Instant: a family's journey of love and healing.   NYU Annotation
Wright, Richard Black Boy: a record of childhood and youth   NYU Annotation
Wurtzel, Elizabeth Prozac Nation: young and depressed in America.   NYU Annotation
Young, Audrey House of Hope and Fear: life in a big city hospital.   NYU Annotation
  What Patients Taught Me: a medical student's journey.   NYU Annotation
Young, Ian Private Life of Islam   NYU Annotation

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