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Medicine in Literature

Memoirs and other books with a health, bereavement, or particular disease focus to support book clubs and to provide a patient point-of-view for students in the healthcare disciplines.

Authors: A-L

This list of memoirs was created using suggestions from hospital librarians but mostly using a list from the New York University website.  Linked titles will go to the full record in the UAA library catalog.  The NYU Annotation link, when available, is to the right of the title.  Titles in red are not available at local libraries.  Use the interlibrary loan service to obtain a copy of the book.  Suggestions for additional titles are always welcome.

Ablom, Mitch Tuesdays with Morrie [video].
Ackerman, Dianne One Hundred Names for Love : a stroke, a marriage, and the language of healing.
Aizley, Harlyn Buying Dad.  NYU Annotation
Alden, Paulette Bates Crossing the Moon: a journey through infertility.  NYU Annotation
Allison, Kimberly  Red sunshine : a story of strength and inspiration from a doctor who survived stage 3 breast cancer
Alvord, Lori The Scalpel and the Silver Bear: the first Navajo woman surgeon combines western medicine and traditional healing.  NYU Annotation
Andrews, Tom Codeine Diary: a memoir.  NYU Annotation
Ansay, A. Manette Limbo: a memoir.   NYU Annotation
Armstrong, Campbell I Hope You Have a Good Life.   NYU Annotation
Armstrong, Lance It's Not About the Bike: my journey back to life.   NYU Annotation
Atkins, Chloe My Imaginary Illness: a journal into uncertainty and prejudice in medical diagnosis.
Austin, Paul Something for the Pain: one doctor's account of life & death in the ER.   NYU Annotation
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Place to Stand: the making of a poet.   NYU Annotation
Baiev, Khassan Oath: surgeon under fire.   NYU Annotation
Bailey, Elisabeth Tova Sound of a Wild Snail Eating.
Barber, Charles Songs from the Black Chair: a memoir of mental interiors.  NYU Annotation
Barry, John M. Great Influenza : the epic story of the 1918 pandemic  NYU Annotation
Bauby, Jean-Dominique Diving Bell and the Butterfly.   NYU Annotation
Bayley, John Oliver Elegy for Iris.   NYU Annotation
Bearison, David J "They Never want to Tell You": children talk about cancer.
Berczeller, Richard Trip into the Blue.   NYU Annotation
Bérubé, Michael Life as We Know It: a father, a family, and an exceptional child.  NYU Annotation
Blew, Mary Clearman Balsamroot: a memoir.   NYU Annotation>
Borden, Mary Forbidden Zone.   NYU Annotation>
Braestrup, Kate Here If You Need Me : a true story.
Breslin, Rosemary Not Exactly What I Had in Mind.  NYU Annotation
Brissette, John S. What's Shakin': an insider's look at the humorous side of Parkinson's disease.
Broyard, Anatole Intoxicated by My Illness and Other Writings on Life and Death.   NYU Annotation
Burney, Fanny Mastectomy: letter to Esther Burney. &nbsp &nbsp NYU Annotation
Burroughs, Augusten Dry.   NYU Annotation
  Running with Scissors.   NYU Annotation
Butler, Sandra Cancer in Two Voices.    NYU Annotation
Cantwell, Mary Manhattan, When I Was Young.   NYU Annotation
Chen, Pauline W. Final Exam: a surgeon's reflections on mortality.   NYU Annotation
Clapp, Lael Beauty for Ashes.
Cleaveland, Clif Sacred Space: stories from a life in medicine. &nbsp &nbsp NYU Annotation
Cohen, Elizabeth House on Beartown Road: a memoir of learning and forgetting.
Cohen, Marion Deutsche Dirty Details: the days and nights of a well spouse.
Cohen, Richard Strong at the Broken Places: voices of illness, a chorus of hope.
Cousins, Norman Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient : reflections on healing and regeneration.   NYU Annotation
Crimmins, Cathy Where is the Mango Princess?: a journey back from brain injury.   NYU Annotation
Cromer, Janet M. Professor Cromer Learns to Read.   NYU Annotation
Crosby, Mary Caldwell Asleep: the forgotten epidemic that remains one of medicine's most enduring mysteries.
Culkin, Jennifer A Final Arc of Sky: a memoir of critical care.  NYU Annotation
Cumming, Deborah Recovering from Mortality.   NYU Annotation
Daniel, John Looking After: a son's memoir.   NYU Annotation
Daudet, Alphonse In the Land of Pain.   NYU Annotation
Davis, Cortney I Knew a Woman: the experience of the female body.   NYU Annotation
Davis, Heather Choate Baptism by Fire: the true story of a mother who finds faith during her daughter's darkest hour.  NYU Annotation
DeBaggio, Thomas Losing My Mind: an intimate look at life with Alzheimer's.   NYU Annotation
Delury, George E. But What if She Wants to Die? a husband's diary.   NYU Annotation
Didion, Joan Year of Magical Thinking.  NYU Annotation
Donne, John Devotions upon Emergent Occasions.   NYU Annotation
Dyer, Joyce In a Tangled Wood.   NYU Annotation
Eggers, Dave Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.   NYU Annotation
Fadiman, Anne Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures.  NYU Annotation
Finger, Anne Past Due: a story of disability, pregnancy and birth.  NYU Annotation
FitzGerald, James What Disturbs Our Blood: a son's attempt to redeem the past.  NYU Annotation
Flynn, Nick Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.   NYU Annotation
Forman, Vicki This Lovely Life.  NYU Annotation
Frey, James My Friend Leonard.   NYU Annotation
  Million Little Pieces.   NYU Annotation
Frick, Marlena All the Days of His Dying. &nbsp &nbsp NYU Annotation
Fries, Kenny History of My Shoes and the Evolution of Darwin's Theory. &nbsp &nbsp NYU Annotation

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