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Nursing (Hospital) Guide


We have purchased electronic versions of printed books from different vendors. These e-books can be viewed online from any computer connected to the Internet once you have registered with the Alaska Medical Library (AML).

Searching options: 1) search across all books using the search box,  2) search within each vendor using the links below.

 or 3) search within a specific title using the A-Z listing of titles.

Within each collection, searching a specific title or selected group of titles is also possible. The main differenc.e in searching an electronic version of a book is that you search every word in the selected books.

The e-book is a complete version of the print copy, all graphs, tables, images, and charts are available.

Online Books / Newsletters

How Do I Request a Book

You can borrow a book from another library by contacting the Alaska Medical Library by email (aml@uaa.alaska.ed), fax (907-786-1608), or
use our online form.

Books are sent by the lending library using either book rate (very slow) or first class mail.  First class mail can take 7-14 days to arrive.  Locating a library with the book available for checkout can add to this timeframe.