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APU Climate Change (SC 45500 / ES 65500)

Journal of Climate -- Style Guide

Instructions for authors, including how to cite sources, for the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate. The html version is being revised, but either a brief or expanded pdf is available.


RefWorks enables you to manage and store your bibliographies online. You can use RefWorks to help you cite resources within the text of your paper and create a Bibliography or List of Works Cited. These tutorials will help you learn how to use all the features available within RefWorks.


Want to build your Bibliography or List of Works Cited as you write your paper? RefWorks’ Write-N-Cite software operates with Microsoft Word and is Windows and Mac compatible. Click here for more information and to download.

More about RefWorks & Output Style

NOTE! RefWorks will format *most* of your bibliography in your chosen Output Style.  However, ALWAYS double-check the accuracy of the citations in your RefWorks bibliography, since RefWorks does NOT:

  • italicize names of species, organisms
  • consistently include author initials if author name is hyphenated
  • always abbreviate journal titles
  • correctly capitalize proper nouns


Annotated Bibliography

Check out this link for some helpful information about writing Annotated Bibliographies:

Science Writing Guides

Helpful links from the Writing Center at Colorado State University.  Includes tips for writing in a scientific fomat, and how to write reviews, abstracts, and prepare for poster sessions at professional conferences.