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GEOL 310: Professional Practices in Geology

Getting Started Step-by-Step:

The library session will get you off to a good start on your projects. Here are some helpful tips for using the recommended databases: 


  • Searches GeoRef plus the full text of 40+ geology journals.
  • Offers option to search by map coordinates, or by selecting specific geographic area(s).
  • Helpful Tip! To eliminate the abstract only records, leave the Meeting Abstracts box unchecked but select the other document types under GeoRef Document Types. 


  • Helpful Tip! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Be sure to go to the "Document Type" limiter and choose "More options" so that you are able to exclude "Abstracts Only" to remove proceedings abstracts from your search.
  • Use "Recent Searches" to view previously used search strings.


  • Helpful Tip! Click on "Peer reviewed" under the "Limit to:" option to get articles from peer-reviewed journals.
  • You can also limit to the "Natural Science Collection" (which includes ProQuest's Earth Science Collection) by selecting from the list of "Databases:" at the bottom of the search screen.