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BIOL 240 (Introductory Microbiology for Health Sciences)

Getting Started Step-by-Step:

There is no library session this semester, but you will still need to use the library and its resources to find information on your projects.

Follow these steps to find what you need:

1)   Look for articles on your topic

  • Click on the Finding Articles tab for the two best databases that include relevant articles on the disease and organism associated with it.
  • An additional list includes more databases to search if you don't find anything in CINAHL.
  • See the link to finding literature reviews for background information on your topic.


  • Take a look at the tutorials (highly recommended!) to access CINAHL (Cumulated Index to Nursing & Allied Health).
  • CINAHL searching is a bit different than other library resources you may have used, so be sure to take a look at the tutorials.
  • Helpful Tip! Search for the disease in CINAHL, not the organism.
  • You will be searching CINAHL for many of your nursing courses at UAA, so use this opportunity to get a start on understanding how it works.
  • You'll also find a How to.. link to more advanced details about searching CINAHL.

2)   Find additional information on the web

  • Click on the Finding Websites tab for a list of examples of credible websites from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, National Library of Medicine, World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic, and others.
  • Take a look at the Evaluating Sources links on the page for ways to determine a website's credibility.

3)  Cite your sources correctly

  • Click on Citing Sources for information on using the correct citation style for your project.
  • Take a look at the reference examples in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology style.

4)   Use RefWorks to create your list of references (Optional)

  • Click on Using RefWorks for information on how to use RefWorks.
  • Virtually all of the citations to books and articles found in the library's resources can be exported to RefWorks.
  • Additional links on the page will take you to helpful RefWorks tutorials.

If you need help or have questions:

For any questions, contact me, or you may also contact the Health Science Librarians, Sigrid Brudie and Kathy Murray, in the Alaska Medical Library on the 2nd floor of the Consortium Library.

We're happy to help, so if you have questions, please:

  • Contact us ahead of time to set up an appointment.
  • Try to schedule a time when both you and your lab partner can be there.
  • Make sure you have read the information in this guide, and have at least attempted to find some information on your topic before you meet with one of us.