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Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program (WWAMI)

Part 1 -- In Class Exercise (Class 3)

QuickSearch is one option for looking for books.  Here are some tips for using this tool.

1)  Author search, enter the author's name in the search box. Using the Refine your Search options in the left column and choose books/ebooks under Content Type and UAA/APU Consortium under Library Location - keep scrolling to find this option.

Choose two of the following authors. 

  • Robert Fortuine
  • Frank Netter
  • Dana Stabenow
  • Seth Kantner
How many books have these authors written?

2)  Title search, enter the title in the search box. Choose two of the following.  Use the same Refine your Search options as for the author search.  What is the location and call number for each book?

  • Allergies sourcebook
  • Skin health information for teens
  • Adolescent health care
  • Fish : a history of one migration

3)  Subject search, enter zika virus in the search box.  Use the same Refine your Search options as above.

  • Notice the option to limit by discipline.  How many books are listed for medicine?


Find a Book / Book Chapter

Use the QuickSearch box on the library homepage to look for a book or book chapter on your topic. 

Tip:  You may not find an entire book on your topic. 

  • Example: a book on lung diseases might well have a chapter on tuberculosis or a book on endocrine or metabolic disease could have a chapter on Cushing's Disease.

Books to Help with Your Presentation