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Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program (WWAMI)

Parts of a URL (web address)

The address for a webpage (called a URL) can give good information about what might be found on that site.   The parts of the address give clues. 


http:// most addresses begin with this - which just means you are going to a web page

https://  this is a secure site - it would be safe to give them credit card information

computer:  most addresses begin with www, but not all

institution:  this can be the full name or an abbreviation.  The person or group who created the web page often works for this organization

domain:  the six most common "top" level domains are:

  •    .com (commercial)
  •    .edu (college or university)
  •    .gov (federal government)
  •    .org (organization, often non-profit)
  •    .mil (U.S. military)
  •    .net (networks)

directory: an address can have several levels here or none at all the address can end with different "extensions," such as pdf, cfm, htm, or html

Local government or state websites will use a two letter state code (e.g., ak for Alaska).  Other countries will use a two letter country code. 

The website describing the Della Keats summer program is:



Website Evaluation Part 1 -- In Class Assignment (Class 4)

Use this Website Evaluation form to evaluate these two websites:

                  vaccines                    vaccines

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona has a list of website hoax checkers.  Hoax Checker

Part 2 -- Internet Homework

Find one website on your topic. Remember that .gov, .edu, or .org sites are better choices over other options. 

     a. Open your Annotated Biblioigraphy and summarize in a few sentences how the information you found on the website(s) relates to your topic or what you learned from this source.

     b. Complete the Website Evaluation form for each website chosen, scan it (or take a photo), and post it in Google Drive.