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Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program (WWAMI)


QuickSearch Tips: Class 1

Using the QuickSearch box above will help you find books and articles on your topic.  Refine your results using:

  1. Items with full text online
  2. Limit to articles from peer-reviewed publications
  3. Exclude Newspaper Articles
  4. Publication Date
  5. Library Location - choose UAA/APU Consortium

Items put in the folder can be saved in APA citation format and emailed to yourself.


Academic Search Premier - In Class Exercises - Class 2

1)  Today's demonstration will use Academic Search Premier to search for the topic: zika virus.  From a multidisciplinary approach, we can view this topic from two sides. 

Part A: the physiological side of the problem
what is the zika virus? 
      how & why might it develop?
      what are the physiological consequences?

Part B: the clinical side of the problem 
      how is the zika virus typically diagnosed and treated?
      what are the prevention measures? 
      Is there a vaccine?



Searching Academic Search Premier

Searching most library databases is different than using Google.  ~62 articles were found when all terms were put in one box like this:

 Enter words for one concept in the first box, words for the second concept in the second box, etc.  Select AND or OR, then click Search.  ~174 articles were found using this method.



Consider looking for synonyms.  This strategy found ~246 articles:




  • Choose Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals as a limit in the Refine Results area (left column)
  • Use * at the end of a word to search for different endings.  Example: bacteri* will find bacteria, bacterium, bacterial, bacteriocins, etc.
  • Use broader terms, e.g., Alaska rather than Alaska Natives.