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Anchorage Times Clipping Files

Anchorage Times Clipping Files

What is it?

The Anchorage Times began to create a clipping file (also known as a morgue) in the 1950's.  The employees in charge of creating the morgue devised a subject scheme and clipped articles out, pasted them on letter-sized sheets, and organized them in 3-ring binders.  When the Times closed its doors in 1992, the morgue became the property of the Anchorage Daily News and was housed until now at the Daily News building.

The morgue articles are not solely from the Times; there are many articles from the Daily News and from other newspapers as well.  The importance of this collection is that it is the ONLY subject organization for local newspapers from the 1950's on, excepting the Times obituary index compiled by former Consortium Librarians.

It's a very valuable research collection that no one else has; the alternative is page-by-page microfilm viewing, and feeling lucky if you have particular dates to look up. 

One caveat:  microfilm viewing remains an essential step to most researchers, as clippings in the binders do not include full citations.  All articles are stamped with the date they appeared in print.

How do I find this collection?

The clippings are in blue and orange binders at the end of the Alaskana Collection, on the second floor of the UAA/APU Consortium Library, and they cover 1952 through 1985. There is a card file adjacent to the binders that includes all the subject terms used, with cross-references. Online indexing of the Anchorage Times and the Anchorage Daily News began in 1986.

Anchorage Newspapers

The Clipping files of the Anchorage Times can be found on the second level of the UAA/APU Consortium Library, in over 2700 binders holding approximately 25,000 separate clippings.  The binders are accompanied by a card file containing the subject terms used in the binders.

Alaska Dispatch News (NewsBank)
    Full-text content of local and regional news from 7/8/2014 to the present. See Anchorage Daily News for full-text content from 10/1/1985 through 7/18/2014.

Anchorage Daily News (NewsBank)
    Full-text content of local and regional news from 10/1/1985 through 7/18/2014. See Alaska Dispatch News for full-text content from 7/8/2014 to the present

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